On holiday weekends, we take a sabbath rest from in person gathering and share a podcast conversation with friends, family, and interesting people who have a story to tell about their faith journeys or work to set things right in their world--or both!

Episodes 3 & 4

In a 2 part episode, Denise's daughter Lanie, shares about navigating her own spiritual journey and decontstruction during college in an evangelical world of the Bible belt that often hurt more than it helped. If you'd like to chat with us about anything in this episode, send us a message at or

Episods 2

Storytelling from Luke chapter 3. What did it look like for John to be such an impactful leader and get out of the way so people would see God setting things right through Jesus? He chose to be a stagehand and road paver.

Episode 1

Denise reflects on a small foster child who almost became her little brother, but then everything went wrong.