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Experience the Stations of the Cross in Downtown Tulsa.

Welcome to the Urban Way of the Cross. This is a guided prayer walk in Downtown Tulsa that can also be experienced virtually. Here are a few helpful tips before you start.


Optional supplies:  earbuds, paper and pen, candle & lighter


1. There are options to utilize a candle and writing on paper for a couple of the stations. If you don't have these supplies handy, just close your eyes and imagine the exercise.


2. The walk begins and ends near Guthrie Green off Reconciliation Way between Boston Ave. and and MLK Blvd. You can park near there for ease of access.


3. Each Station has the name of the location, address and basic directions for walking there. For the virtual experience, you can consider how the location name or content connects with the paired station.


4. Each station also has a narrated video to watch and listen to once you arrive at your location.


5. This journey is meant to leave you in a place of tension. It is important to consider the loss and pain Jesus endured before celebrating his return to life on Sunday!

Note: Some mobile versions may work better using this link:

The Well
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